Top 5 Potentially Profitable Cryptocurrencies

Do you know which crypto coins are likely to bring in impressive returns this year? This is an important consideration if you are planning to invest in crypto assets. When investing in 2020, there are some factors that one should take into account, namely, the market cap and liquidity levels. Regardless of the global trend of crypto coin devaluation in 2019, there are still some cryptocurrencies out there that have immense potential for fast and high longer-term returns on investment.

High market cap indicates that there are a large number of crypto coins involved in active transactions; this automatically means investors are interested in the coin in question. When liquidity levels are higher, it implies that the cryptocurrency in question can be sold at much faster rates. Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoins have high liquidity rates.

Top 5 potentially profitable cryptocurrencies in 2020:

  1. Bitcoin: This is obviously still the most reliable of the cryptocurrencies that can assure you of high returns. In 2020, this coin will get halved that will reduce the block reward from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC for every verified block. Yet, the cryptocurrency is expected to retain its dominance in the crypto market because of its market cap. The Lightning Network is also expected to make transactions quicker, enabling implementation of this cryptocurrency in micro-payments, ecommerce platforms, and decentralized apps. You can refer for better ideas and user experience details.
  2. Ethereum: This is founded on the technology of smart contracts that are used by projects for digital transactions. Value of this currency is likely to go up as the demand for blockchain goes up. Much of the failure or success of this crypto coin will depend on the fork to happen soon and the deployment of proof-of-stake algorithm. As Bitcoin is seeing a lot of trading bots such bitcoin prime, its counterparts like Ethereum are also seeing equivalent developments.
  3. Ripple: Experts are referring to this crypto asset as the “king of banking infrastructure” and the Ripple ecosystem is signaling a key breakthrough in the crypto world because of its partnerships with many successful key financial players. For instance, Ripple has integrated with the Western Union and SWIFT has been replaced to enable faster and cheaper money transfers between parties. Ripple is recommended for profitable long-term investment, not sudden huge profits in 2020.
  4. NEO: This is considered to be one of the new cryptocurrencies to watch out for this year. This coin breaks many stereotypes, especially since this was the first open-source token that had its origins in China. The NEO seeks to change the conventional financial system through a combination of real and digital assets. It comes out with a unique Superconduct trade system letting people put their money into a decentralized platform.
  5. EOS: This coin is worth investing in 2020, according to Chinese financial experts. For instance, if Amazon and Uber move onto a blockchain, the main focus would be EOS. It is free from Ethereum issues like scalability problems and is all set to replace other blockchains. In case the Ethereum fails, this coin can go up to 100 USD for every token. This is possible due to the DPoS or delegated proof of ownership algorithm and infinite numbers of blockchains.